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Ensures better bottom lines for your business.Drives your company's overall efficiency. Ensures seamless visibility to your business. Ensures business adaptability to the changing needs. Ensures your focus on better profitability. Simplifies your complexities. Ensures better compliance. Connects multiple locations and branches.

Manufacturing ERP Module:

Manufacturing companies need ERP software flexible enough to manufacturer wide variety of goods from automotive parts to heavy engineering, while also being efficient enough to produce low cost, high quality goods in a lean and highly automated environment. Manufacturers need to manage multiple customer requirements simultaneously while meeting delivery deadlines, product design requirements, and quality specifications.

What further intensifies manufacturing ERP software requirements is the need to manage a variety of customer production requirements that could include a mixture of discrete, process, and mix-mode manufacturing processes

ERP Soft's Manufacturing ERP software will offer robust demand planning and production control, detailed costing information, integrated financial management, as well as strong inventory control for raw materials and finish good inventories.

Salient Features of our Manufacturing ERP Module:

Operators Master
Supervisors Master
Tooling Master
Machines Master
Process Master
Production Categories Master
Work Order with Costing Sheet (Both Budgeted and Actual)
Production Loading Slip (Sub-work order)
Material Requisition
Daily Production Slip
Transfer of WIP SFG\FG to SFG\FG Stores
Transfer of WIP Input Materials to Stores
Transfer of WIP Input Rejections to Stores
Transfer of WIP Output Rejections to Stores
Item Conversion
Work Order Status (Report)
Pending\Completed Work Orders (Report)
Costing Sheet (Report)
Machine Production (Report)
Operator Production (Report)
Supervisor Production (Report)
Shift Production (Report)
Machine wise Production (Report)
Operator wise Production (Report)
Supervisor wise Production (Report)
Shift wise Production (Report)
Production (Report)
Material Consumption (Report)
Production Receipts (Output Materials) Register (Report)
Production Receipts (Input Materials) Register (Report)
Production Receipts (Output Rejection Materials) Register (Report)
Production Receipts (Input Rejection Materials) Register (Report)
Item Production (Report)
WIP Stock Register (Report)

Also includes optional features like Maintenance and calibration, Plant maintenance, Production planning & scheduling etc.,