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Ensures better bottom lines for your business.Drives your company's overall efficiency. Ensures seamless visibility to your business. Ensures business adaptability to the changing needs. Ensures your focus on better profitability. Simplifies your complexities. Ensures better compliance. Connects multiple locations and branches.

HR and Payroll ERP Module:

It is often said an organization's most valuable resource is its workforce. If this is the case, managing the complexities of talent, payroll, and government regulations is very essential.

Our HR and Payroll ERP Module maintains employee data in a secure manner, while also providing quick access to the employee's complete employment information and will offer complete processing of employee payroll, taxes and benefits.

Salient Features of our HR and Payroll ERP Module:

Employee Master
Department Master
Qualification Master
Designation Master
Category Master
Holiday List Master
Payroll Setup
Attendance Entry
Payroll Process
Short Loan Payment
Long term Loan Payment
Salary/Wages Sheet (Report)
Employee Loan Statement (Report)