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Ensures better bottom lines for your business.Drives your company's overall efficiency. Ensures seamless visibility to your business. Ensures business adaptability to the changing needs. Ensures your focus on better profitability. Simplifies your complexities. Ensures better compliance. Connects multiple locations and branches.

Accounting and Finance ERP Module:

Successful ERP implementation begins and ends with solid Accounting and Finance features that is both flexible and easy to use.

Our Accounting and Finance ERP software module manage the recording and processing of accounting transactions within functional areas such as accounts payable, accounts receivable and payroll.

Our Accounting and Finance module is completely integrated to all other functional ERP Modules and complies with all statutory norms.

Salient Features of our Accounting and Finance ERP Module:

Chart of Accounts Master
Currency Master
Salesman Master
Cost Category Master
Cost Center Master
Manual Stock Valuation Master
Expense Allocation against GRN
Purchase Voucher against GRN
Direct Purchase Entry
General Purchase Voucher
TDS Voucher
TCS Voucher
Payment Voucher
Receipt Voucher
Journal Voucher
BRS Cutoff
BRS (Bank Reconciliation)
Trial Balance (Report)
Balance Sheet (Report)
Profit & Loss (Report)
Ledger Report (Report)
Cash\Bank Book (Report)
Group Summary (Report)
Day Book (Report)
Sales Register (Report)
Purchase Register (Report)
Payment Register (Report)
Receipt Register (Report)
Journal Register (Report)
Debit Note Register (Report)
Credit Note Register (Report)
Cash Flow (Report)
Funds Flow (Report)
Outstanding Receivables (Report)
Outstanding Payables (Report)
Outstanding Ledger(Report)
Aged Receivables (Report)
Aged Payables (Report)
Aged Ledger (Report)
Overdue Bills - Ledger (Report)
Overdue Bills – Payables (Report)
Overdue Bills – Receivables (Report)
Customer Statement (Report)
Supplier Statement (Report)
Cost Center Breakup (Report)
Ledger Breakup (Report)
Cost Category Summary (Report)
PDC Register (Report)
Print Ledgers (Report)
Fixed Asset Schedule (Report)
Interest Calculation (Report)